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Active Health is a sports equipment supply and more importantly after-sale maintenance service and repair company based in Mbombela Mpumalanga. Not only do we supply some of the biggest brands of sports equipment in South Africa, but we make sure they remain in their best condition during their life span for optimum user comfort and safety. Active Health has recently come under new management (October 2022) with the new owner Vincent Roberts taking the reins, but the company was originally founded by Elie Fourie in 2012, who has been a local legend in the sports industry having opened one of the first gyms in Nelspruit in the 70s.

“I am very excited and proud of the opportunity to build on such a legacy! Keeping the name of the company as well as Elie in the highest regard. I have learned a lot from Elie and his wife Santie, working for them for the past few years, and I am truly honored for them trusting me with their legacy” - Vincent

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